Free March Reading and a Lesson in Choosing Cards with Psychic Skills

Tarot helps me trust that the universe is here to support my best self to be more in charge.

That ‘Atman’ Self, and the cards that speak through it, are inherently compassionate.

The messages are about how we can walk with grace through the tests we face.

And to catch the finer opportunities that bring us higher potential for Joy.

To learn to read the cards, it helps immensely to have a solid teacher walk you through the steps to learning this age-old art.

Learn how to effectively see the cards in my upcoming Bi-Annual session of The Art of Reading Tarot Course

If you and your friend want to learn together, you can both get the class for an extra 10% Off with the code 2FORCLASS 
Just mention each other’s names in the sign up form and register within 3 days of each other.

Scroll down for a Free Reading for March, pulled from the Playful Heart Tarot by Kitten Chops.

Then watch my short YouTube with tips on how to Choose your Cards with Clairtangency.

To get 1-on-1 guidance, Intuition Coaching or Tarot Reading Lessons are available with me online. The tarot lessons are actually the same rate for 2-for-1, so bring a friend in and split the cost.

Treat yourself to a supportive divination session as we pull through the edge of winter into spring with a Tarot Reading with me.

Hope to see you soon!

Know your Archetypes,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Cups Cups Cups!

The Suit of Springtime speaks to our hearts and our arts, and the month of March has a lot of potential for creative fun and love connections.

The Ace of Cups and 7 of Cups
Find your focus with creative endeavors and love searches.
Don’t sign up for all the dating sites or all the creative classes
(You know which class I think you would love the most 😉
Choose ONE direction that fills your heart and excites your self-expression and lets you feel your inner goober and dive all in!
It doesn’t matter what you choose, 
so much as that you stick with it
and observe your experience with curiosity.

Page of Cups and 6 of Cups
Time to give nurturing attention to your tender self
with nostalgia for the kid you once were.
Get yourself to a museum
and bring a fun kid who you can see things afresh through.
Watch a movie that you loved when you were young, especially one that brings out the emotional flairs that need expressed. 

10 of Pentacles and 2 of Wands
This early creative exploration could turn into something more grounded
as you find a rhythm and make decisions in your life
to follow through on some magnetic attraction.
Toward the end of the month, you will be ready 
for an enriching mix of dedication and passion.
This could be an art project or a lover who you begin to take more seriously.

I hope this upbeat reading is helpful for each of you who read it.
It’s one of the happier rounds I have enjoyed sharing.
So go get creative and emotional and smell some spring blossoms.

Thanks to Kitten Chops for her unique Playful Heart Deck
(Note: I get no benefit from you buying, but I love sharing creative artists)

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