Intuition is a Practice

We are told that some people have a gift.

Sure, some have a natural affinity for math, or sports, or music. In the right setting, they can excel with training.

Those with psychic gifts in childhood don’t get accolades and guidance. Society is less supportive and even disavows these super powers. Typically, those who start life with the gift to see beyond our acceptable norms keep them secret and their insights may fade.

But that is not the end of them, and there is another way.

Whether you had metaphysical abilities that you quelled, or you felt curious attraction to understand your instincts, you can access these abilities. It still takes courage to decide to own your full life experience in this path.

With the reigns in your hand to manage it, you can gain expansive well-being  from this trust leap into your higher self.

To assist you in this bold direction, I am now offering Intuition Coaching sessions. Together, we dive into your personalized goals to better access your natural clairvoyance skills.

For a taste, please check out Present Path’s 50th video, where I offer you 6 Steps to Develop your 6th Sense

If Step 4 entices you, please join us for a Tarot Practice Night Wednesday March 24th, Thursday, from 6pm – 7:30pm PST. Last time was illuminating fun.

Better yet, another opportunity has arisen to dive into the Art of Tarot Reading 9-hour course! This round will be online Sundays & Wednesdays from 6pm – 7:30pm PST. 

Or, let me do the work for you and give you insights into where you are and how to best manage the challenges you face.
Reach out to me for an insightful tarot reading.

Take care and keep using these life-awareness techniques to make the most of this day.

Finally, scroll on down to treat yourself to a free reading for the week on Instagram.

Psychic Love,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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