Finding Your Center with Tarot

Where is your Center anyway?

We often talk about getting centered. But what does that mean to you? 
Take a moment right now to close your eyes and take a slow inhale and exhale. Do you feel your breath in your physical center? Can you bring it all the way down to your belly? What does it feel like? Can you relax into it?

What does a centered mind mean to you?
When our thoughts are serving up only black and white thinking, extreme right and wrongs, there is nuance missing. This gray zone is where most things land, and you can choose to access it.
This week, when you have a strong critique of yourself or someone else, pause. Ask where this can be softened, and welcome curiosity in.

What does it mean to be heart-centered?
Feel your emotional heart for a moment. Rather than name the emotions there, pause the categorization game. Can you simply feel what is naturally flowing there, and observe how it fluctuates?

This full moon week, sense where you can better align with your core heart, mind, and spirit. Inquire into your own mind around these questions and see how the Tarot can deepen your own answers.

This week, my YouTube on When and Where helps you use the Tarot as a tool to get clarity on how to direct yourself toward your goals.

Then, I offer a free reading around how you can better tap into your own center this week.

As always, it’s best to get your own personal long-form reading, and the blessing of Mercury Retrograde brings with it my traditional 10% off special with the code RETRO2021.

I hope you can give yourself space to spend time with your own centered being this week.

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