Balance Through the Tarot Lens

It seems some days we are juggling while standing with one foot on a ball.
We are (hopefully) making time to care for our own body, mind, and spirit while also serving the needs of our families and friends and community. We need to give ourselves a break sometimes from managing it all simultaneously.

The Tarot gets it. And that’s why the theme of Balance is one of the most predominant in the Major Arcana. The cards attempt to touch on all the different ways we try. Each archetype gives us tips of how to tether in the details when we feel as though me might lose our grip.

This week, take a moment to acknowledge your own efforts as you consider the various ways we can balance our lives through the lens of the Tarot. Regard your choices to be uncomfortable when you push forward into unknown territories. Honor your impressive trapeze act when you dance through the air in all the requirements of modern life. Consider who is catching you and give them some words of gratitude.

Learn the cards to gift yourself insights into these myriad archetypes.

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