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Love Your Animal Self

In my early twenties, I decided that the duck was my ‘Spirit Beast’. I decided to call it that to be funny, since a duck is not so beastly.

It fit me. I had a quacky voice, a waddly walk, a love of travel, and my sense of humor fit the bill. (Get it . . . the bill? Haaa . . . yeah . . .)

At this point, I was working in the Film industry in New York City. Kindness was not common, and I had to shake off a lot of attitude and ego from colleagues and managers and diva clients.

A mantra came to me from my divine ducky guides.
“Water off a duck’s back, Quack Quack”

Whenever someone would lay their bad mood into me, I would recite this to myself and shake my bottom twice on the words ‘quack quack’, wicking off the wet of their unwanted energy.

It helped a surprising amount. I could keep my head high and my mood light when the NYC grumps were rampant.

Pretty Oracles and Positive Astro Events

If things have felt a bit stuck since the end of October, trust that they should start moving more smoothly soon.

This week, Mars went out of retrograde and is heading direct.

This means that we can all begin to focus on the projects that we care about again with confidence that they will flow more easily.

This will improve even more next week when Mercury comes out of Retrograde.

While letting yourself relax a few more days, check out my new flip through video on YouTube of the Sacred Rebels Oracle. It’s everything you want a New Age Oracle deck to be.