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Adventure is the Fool’s Journey

One of our first days in the Galapagos, sitting in the sweltering heat on a loud boat, a sense memory from 20 years ago flooded through me of that young woman who was giddy to set forth into seeing the world.

This reignited the Fool’s spirit into me.

The Fool is an adventurous yet naive wanderer, who seeks out the new and is open-minded and curious to learn and grow. 

I suddenly heard the voice of my high school writing teacher, Bob McHeffy, who would ask us, “Would the child you were be proud of the person you are today?”

I felt so grateful that the middle-aged woman I am is proud of that young adult who made a solid effort to explore the world.

Those choices instilled a well of youthful vivacity that I can still drink from today. 

I am also grateful to the stable and rooted part of me, my inner Queen of Pentacles, who I developed over the last 15 years. Because this journey also asserted that with age comes a higher need for creature comforts.