Finding Your Center with Tarot

Where is your Center anyway?

We often talk about getting centered. But what does that mean to you? 
Take a moment right now to close your eyes and take a slow inhale and exhale. Do you feel your breath in your physical center? Can you bring it all the way down to your belly? What does it feel like? Can you relax into it?

What does a centered mind mean to you?
When our thoughts are serving up only black and white thinking, extreme right and wrongs, there is nuance missing. This gray zone is where most things land, and you can choose to access it.
This week, when you have a strong critique of yourself or someone else, pause. Ask where this can be softened, and welcome curiosity in.

What does it mean to be heart-centered?
Feel your emotional heart for a moment. Rather than name the emotions there, pause the categorization game. Can you simply feel what is naturally flowing there, and observe how it fluctuates?

This full moon week, sense where you can better align with your core heart, mind, and spirit. Inquire into your own mind around these questions and see how the Tarot can deepen your own answers.

This week, my YouTube on When and Where helps you use the Tarot as a tool to get clarity on how to direct yourself toward your goals.

Then, I offer a free reading around how you can better tap into your own center this week.

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I hope you can give yourself space to spend time with your own centered being this week.

Balance Through the Tarot Lens

It seems some days we are juggling while standing with one foot on a ball.
We are (hopefully) making time to care for our own body, mind, and spirit while also serving the needs of our families and friends and community. We need to give ourselves a break sometimes from managing it all simultaneously.

The Tarot gets it. And that’s why the theme of Balance is one of the most predominant in the Major Arcana. The cards attempt to touch on all the different ways we try. Each archetype gives us tips of how to tether in the details when we feel as though me might lose our grip.

This week, take a moment to acknowledge your own efforts as you consider the various ways we can balance our lives through the lens of the Tarot. Regard your choices to be uncomfortable when you push forward into unknown territories. Honor your impressive trapeze act when you dance through the air in all the requirements of modern life. Consider who is catching you and give them some words of gratitude.

Learn the cards to gift yourself insights into these myriad archetypes.

Elf of Heaven: Rare Taiwanese Deck

This Taiwanese Tarot Deck, The Elf of Heaven, is bright and colorful and hard to find. I share the publishers’ website and email address at the beginning. The name of the illustrator is Kele Wang (first name, last name). His style is clearly influenced by manga or anime, but is his own. It also reminds me of German Expressionist style.

Play with Tarot

Tarot Throw Down . . . All the Cool Kids are Playing it . . .

Play is important. Time spent listening to your higher self is important.
What if we can combine those two needs in one place?

As a professional Educator, I know that we learn best when we play together.

As a Tarot Reader, I know that Listening to your Intuition enhances your ability to support your wider community.

Connection is also important. Spend some quality time with a friend from afar through a joyful shared experience this month.

We are days away from starting the annual Art of Reading Tarot Course
Get connected with other readers as we dive into a playful game of learning and listening inward.

NYE Gift: Two Free Readings

New Years Eve is a time for reflection, and this year has offered us so much to think about.

Most of us are tentative to chant our usual high expectations of the year to come.
In lieu of that, we can all give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have managed to accomplish or overcome this past year.

Get out a pen and paper, and ask yourself:
– How have a I grown in the challenges of 2020?

– How am I proud of myself today?

– What do I value more now than I did a year ago?

– What do I want to focus on in the year ahead to honor these values?

Then, consider  your direct community who you interface with.
Answer these questions:

– Who has impressed me with their strength this year?

– What attributes did they show that I was honored to witness?

– What have I learned from them?

– How am I inspired by their behavior?

Perhaps take a moment to share this reflection with this person via a card, email, text, phone call, or even a social media call out of praise.

We all benefit from building each other up. I would also love to read your answers if you email me them.
A key focus I intend is to keep observing this life through the lens of magic and tarot. When we access the bigger picture through divination, these shadowy times become illuminated.

We can see the archetypes that play out through all of history, and our roles we can choose to play to be fully engaged in our own lives and communities. The tarot adds curiosity to my days that lightens my fears and emboldens my choices.
I would love for you to join me in an exploration of the tarot this January with my online classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm, Jan. 12th – 28th.

You will learn techniques to access your inherent wealth of knowledge about the cards, and enhance your life with more wisdom through 2021 and beyond.

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I hope you have a beautiful and safe holiday. 

Best Wishes,
Jenna Lynne

Learn Tarot As you Watch TV

Philip Pullman clearly loves divination and plays with classic archetypes in his fabulous trilogies of His Dark Materials and the Book of Dust. Zoë and Jenna discuss his characters in these through the lens of Tarot Archetypes. Please post in the comments your own thoughts and opinions, even if you disagree with us!

Spoiler Alert: Zoë shares a *few* details about things that happen in the Book of Dust volumes 1 & 2. She does not give away anything too serious, but just in case you’re reading those.

If you want to dive deeper into accessing archetypes within yourself and the stories you read, Join my online Art of Reading Tarot class in January to learn to design your own rituals by using the Tarot.

Enhance Your Holidays with Meaningful Rituals

Holiday season is going to be different in 2020, this reading helps you make any event special by customizing your own rituals. Get some guidance on how to approach your plans with magic.

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The Fantastic Menagerie, 2nd Edition

BabaBarock Studio has produced a cold stamp second edition of The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot, a compilation of images from Le Metamorphosis Du Jour by JJ Grandville, the illustrator who designed the images for the first print of Alice in Wonderland.