October Class is Coming Together

While you’re hopefully enjoying swimming through summer, it’s time to think about how we are going to make the most of the cooler months!

Let’s dive into the archetypes together this fall with an in-depth, 9-hour tarot course that will prepare you for a more fulfilling winter indoors.

While you can access the videos of each class afterward, it’s best if you can join the LIVE in-person classes.

Between October 9th – 29th, the course will run twice a week, with 1.5 hours for each session.

What days and times work best for you?

Message me to let me know!

If reading the cards yourself isn’t for you, get the guidance you desire through a Tarot Reading with me in-person on online. Sign up today!

Tarot Reading Lessons are a way for you to get a taste of my teaching style. Bring a friend for the same rate and learn together!

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Tarot is Life,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

You are More than your Sun

With my Sun in Cancer, I used to get jealous of the Leo personality descriptions.

Turning the pages from this ‘nurturing homebody who likes yard sales’ to the ‘vivacious life of the party’ made me feel like I was missing out.

And then I found out that I am a whole lot of Leo in my Moon, Mercury, and Saturn.

It makes sense to me that my Leo self wanted to be a Leo. But I also found more pride in my Cancerian heart as I owned my inner lioness.

This shift in perspective also taught me to honor that we are so much more than our Sun signs.

If you don’t know your whole chart, check out Astro.com and put in your birth hour and location to learn the bigger picture.

This weekend, we transition from Cancer to Leo, and are about to step into the full warmth of summer. I drew some cards to help you align with how to best manage this next week.

Own this season of your own life with empowerment when you get a Tarot Reading with me in-person on online.

Tarot Reading Lessons are the same cost for two as they are for one person. Learn to access the art form together.

Summer signs are super intuitive and it’s a great time to learn to better hear your inner voice with some Intuition Coaching.

I hope to see you soon!

Jenna Lynne Roberts

A Reading for the Transition from Cancer Sun into Leo Sun

Earth splats right in the middle of our transition from water to fire with a message to slow down like a solid Queen of Pentacles.

The 4 of Swords seems to be saying that we have not been resting enough during this past month of Sun in Cancer.

How can you take a break from doing too much and thinking too much and take some time to relish the soft earth of grounding into pleasure this week?

Doing so will bring balance into your Leo month ahead.
The Temperance card is about integrating the lessons you’ve been learning lately into a more functional habits.

Temperance also asks us
how can we each find the sweet spot
between  internal self-care and external world engagement,
between doing enough and resting enough,
between allowing our watery emotions with our fiery zest?

I hope this helps you make good choices and enjoy your life more fully.

If you desire more personal direction from the cards, please contact me for Your own unique reading either online or in person this week

Deck: Animal Totem Tarot

Summer is Social Tarot Time

Cards of 78 archetypes are not meant to be learned alone. 

Sure, you can crack open book after book and absorb the wisdom of experts.
But that’s winter work.

The archetypes are meant to be understood through the collective lens. One of my favorite ways of learning is by joining up with friends and talking about how we perceive the cards.

This week, I share with a fun game to play to enhance how you value each card. This is just one way to exchange ideas with a friend.

Other ideas for social tarot time:

– Each of you pulls a card and imagines them as a personality, then hold a conversation, with each of you playing your card’s role

– Each of you chooses a card that intimidates you, and the other person tries to open your perspective to ways that this card can be a supportive message to help in hard times

– Place ten cards in a line up and tell a story together as though it’s a graphic novel, taking turns with each new ‘panel’

– In a larger group, pull one card and each person says one word that captures it’s essence, then talk about how these fit into a bigger picture of issues that happen in life (When would this card most likely come up for someone?)

This summer, you and a friend can also treat yourselves to some Tarot Reading Lessons with me for the same price as one person. Learn to dive into your own inner wisdom together. We can meet online so you can connect with friends from afar as well. More are welcome for only a small rate increase as well!

If you are in a time of transition and need some light shed on your best choices, come get a Tarot Reading with me sometime.

Or, learn to better hear your inner voice without the cards with some Intuition Coaching.

Go play with the archetypes this month!

Tarot is Fun,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Art Fills My Cup

A week of laying in bed with Covid reminded me how valuable self-care is, even when we are healthy.

The free reading this week below offers some powerful major arcana insights into how to heal your Page of Cups heart.

It’s a lot to manage the pentacles of this life, and I had an epiphany during isolation about how essential creative experience is to me.

Flairs of feelings deserve my attention.
Art films enrich my TV time.
Nature enhances my exercise routines.
Self-expression balances my spirit.

I personally need to prioritize my Cups more to find a work-life balance.
Even knowing this, I still struggle to include these blessings within the hustle.

So I pulled some cards for us to consider how we can all self-care right now. Scroll down for a spread for you from my lovely new deck, Tarot of Mystical Moments, which I will share further in a review video this next month!

I am about to head off into a week of a creation vacation with my costume troupe at the Oregon Country Fair. It sure takes a lot of mundane tasking to go be artistic.  But I am giddy to get back into public interactive theater!

I would love to see you for a Tarot Reading after I return around July 12th. I am offering both in-person and online now that I am healthy again.

This summer, you and a friend can treat yourselves to some Tarot Reading Lessons for the same price as one person. Learn to dive into your own inner wisdom together.

Or, learn to better hear your inner voice without the cards with some Intuition Coaching.

Whatever you do, be kind to yourself.

Breath is Life,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Self Care begins with the Page of Cups

This week, treat your heart like a child you adore.
Nurture yourself with kind thoughts and positive persuasions.
Ask what you want to create to express how you are feeling,
and then get out the tools to support your artistic spirit.

The Page is held by 3 Major Arcana, which means this is
a prime moment in your heart’s hero’s journey.

The Moon reminds us to allow our full selves,
and to deeply witness our shadows as a part of us.
You are allowed to have feelings that don’t feel good,
thoughts that disturb,
and desires that are not socially accepted.
Look at these parts and honor them as a part of who you are.
You don’t need to follow any of them beyond acknowledgement,
but don’t allow shame to squash your full-embodied experience.

The Hierophant regulates the chaos of the Moon and Devil Cards

Structure and routine will serve you right now.
Tap into the systems that already exist in the world
that offer progress, sustenance, and support to you.
Find the groups that are doing what you want to be a part of.
Make a schedule that feels manageable for you today.

The Devil reminds us to find some Healthy Selfish.
A little hedonism might be a way to feel empowered right now.
Tap into your temporal passions for a fun weekend.
Let go and play with your free will.
“Do What thou Wilt”

That said, the Devil also reminds us
to not let our egos distract us
from our all knowing higher self.
Attend to discernment to know with certainty
what is wise and what is momentary self-expression.

Overall, this reading is about prioritizing honesty and truth.

Let the dark and shady parts come into the light.
Express them through an artistic outlet and some healthy hedonism.
Balance the intensity with some structures that can support you.

Celebrate being fully YOU,
with all the shadows, ego, and funky feelings.

Ace of Strawberries

What do you feel ready to create?
Today, Mercury stations direct and we get to step back into a forward flow toward our best pursuits.

Yesterday, I walked through my backyard and saw the perfect Ace of Pentacles staring up at me from my strawberry bush. A flower making a star inside the circle of soft white petals.

This attractive little flower will likely get pollinated by a bee who can’t help but land it’s fuzzy legs on it’s bright yellow center.

At first, it will appear to die as it’s petals fall away, and then it’s middle  will slowly turn into an awkward burgeoning berry.

Green and white and lumpy in it’s puberty, it may not appear like it has much value.

But soon enough, it’s crisp outer edge will get shiny red and form a perfect tear-drop shape that mammals will crave.

I might even get to eat it and relish it’s taste, if those pesky squirrels don’t get to it first.

This is the nature of the Ace of Pentacles. It’s a potential for future fruit. It’s something that will take time to grow, along with the 4 elements of sun, water, air and good soil.

It starts beautiful and ends beautiful, but it will likely go through some phases of not being so pretty in the middle. Don’t judge during this phase. Just keep watering your goal. 

What do you want to plant this month and put your nurturing support toward?

If you’re not sure which direction to go, find out with some professional guidance from me when you get a professional Tarot Reading online or in person.

You also can start rooting deeper into the cards yourself with Tarot Reading Lessons online.

Perhaps your Ace is in the art of learning to better listen to your inner voice with some Intuition Coaching.

Whatever you choose, step into developing something you are ready to create this month!

Jenna Lynne Roberts

You can also watch this video of the path from flower to berry.

Tarot People are Your People

Last weekend, I joined a group of fellow tarot readers at the coast.
We shared readings and stories and food and laughter.

I didn’t know any of them when I signed up to spend 3 days together, but I knew we would be kindred spirits.

I did not always have such certainty in my love of divination community. 

For years, I was nervous to go to tarot conferences for what I might learn.

What if I am embarrassed that people who share my passion are all weirdos?

What if they are too woo for me?

What if I realize that I am an imposter as a reader among pro psychics?

None of this came true.

Instead, what I found was a home.

Tarot Community turns out to be rampant with intellects and open hearts.

Our people read more than cards, they read books.
They love to learn about history, psychology, alchemy, mythology, and symbolism.

Rather than competition and judgement, I found immense collaboration.

Readers love to share their impressions of cards, and listen to even the newest readers on what insights they are tapping into.

Divination inspires compassion.

Through the cards, we learn that everyone is on their own journey of struggles and joys.

Many of us love the esoteric.

I found a lot of movie geeks, who share in my first love of cinema. So I suppose they were ‘weird’ in all the best ways.

I want to help unite this network and bring us together to make new friends and share our wisdom.

You have a chance on May 25th, THIS Wednesday, to meet your own divination community at the online World Tarot Day Event. And it’s Free!

More details below, sign up today to join us!

If you prefer to learn the cards one-on-one or with a friend, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online.

To tune into the great magnet of inner certainty, sign up for Intuition Coaching to gain more skills that help you tap into the all-knowing self.

And, of course you can contact me for a professional Tarot Reading online or in person. 

Mercury Retrograde has it’s benefits! Through until June 3rd you get 10% off my services as a reader, teacher, and coach.
Use code RETRO22 when you sign up, or mention it when you contact me directly to book a session!

I hope to see you next week at the World Tarot Day event!

Unite in Divination,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Come Play for World Tarot Day

One day each year is all about US as a community sharing our joy for the Tarot Arts.

A few weeks ago, my friend and an Art of Tarot Reading alumni, Lindsey Schweich of Tribal Chic Boutique, asked if I wanted to collaborate with her on an event. My intuition said, ‘Yes!’ and we are making a unique and fun evening happen!

On May 25th, Wednesday, we will offer a night of professional readers, guided practice sessions, and local authors of tarot books sharing their insights. If you get your ticket now, you get two raffle tickets to score some unique offerings from our growing list of prizes! More details below, sign up today to join us!

As you may know, Mercury is doing it’s celestial cha-cha again. That means through until June 3rd you get 10% off my services as a reader, teacher, and coach.
Use code RETRO22 when you sign up, or mention it when you contact me directly to book!

If you want to learn to read the cards yourself, or with a friend, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online.

For support in all areas of life, get some Intuition Coaching to learn to listen to your core certainty more clearly.

To get the  information you need to hear channeled by a friendly professional, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

I hope to see you in person this month at the World Tarot Day event!

Celebrate Together,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Whether you are an experienced reader or are just beginning your tarot journey
You are invited to join us from 7:15pm to 9:15pm on Wednesday May 25th for a night dedicated to Tarot. 

This is a safe place to practice your craft, whether that is on yourself, your friend or another tarot enthusiast. 
Evening is as follows:
Socialize 7:15 – 7:30
Warm Up Tarot Activity 7:30 – 7:45 
Intro / Grounding 7:45 – 8:00
Readings & Practices 8:00- 9:00 
Closing 9:00 – 9:15 
Clean up (Feel free to lend a hand)

– Door Prizes (win your own tarot deck!)
– Games
– Tea Lounge
– Professional Readers
– Guided Practice Sessions 
We will have several decks placed around the room for your use. Whether you fall in love with a new deck or bring your favorite to share, there will be reading spaces set up throughout the room.
Professional readers will be offering mini readings at a set price. 
Location: Woodstock Wellness Center
Price: $10 
Prepaid reservations will receive double entry into our end of the night raffle! 
Limited Entry! Get your ticket here: 

Tarot Noir: A Free Reading & Flip Through

I love old movies  and books as much as I love Tarot.
(I guess I am a true Cancerian).

So I was giddy when I found this new deck (already sold out!) by Todd Alcott that merges the Smith-Rider-Waite deck and graphic art reminiscent of classic cinema posters, Mad Men era advertising, and, of course, pulp novel covers.

Scroll on for my free reading performed with this new deck.

Then see all the cards for yourself in my newest YouTube Flip Through and Review.

If you want to learn to read the cards yourself, or with a friend, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online.

To get the information you need to hear channeled by a friendly professional, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

‘Come up n see me sometime’,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Engage Your Mind’s Capabilities with Tarot

Learning Tarot is a unique entrance into another way of experiencing our brain’s full capacity.

In exploring the cards, we can see our life path through the lens of metaphor and symbolism. This opens the pathways in our right brain to our intuition and psychic gifts.

As we enrich our fullness of knowing through this divination tool, we become more aware of another kind of intelligence that goes beyond pure logic.

It is one of compassion that wants us to evolve and grow, and loves us through the challenges.

Lessons become more clear and decisions become easier.

Simultaneously, we are using our left brain to read the symbols in a linear story, and analyzing the numbers and elements with our prior knowledge that we learned in school and movies and books.

You already have a vast amount of wisdom to serve your readings, and my class offers you a key to connect what you already know to what you desire to learn.

Tarot cards are both very complex, and incredibly simple.

This course offers a system so you can simplify the stories in the suits, see more clearly the interrelationships between the cards, and lean into trusting yourself more deeply.

Get to know your fully engaged mind when you join The Art of Reading Tarot Course. Sign up: https://Presentpathtarot.as.me/toolsclass

If you want to read the cards without a book, this is your chance to put focus into a real solution and make your desire come to fruition. 

I hope you can join us and open yourself to a community who also is craving an attunement with their own magical wisdom.

Bring a friend on your journey, so you can both get the class for an extra 10% Off with the code 2FORCLASS 
Just mention each other’s names in the sign up form and register within 3 days of each other.

To study another time with me in a personal lesson, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online. They are the same rate for 2 students, so bring a friend. 

To have a professional channel the clarity you crave, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

Open Your Mind to the Mystery,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Aries Manifestation Skills

Once, a new travel friend and I were walking at 3am on a pilgrimage hike to a Buddhist holy site that you aim to reach at sunrise.

Rotem asked, “What signs are your parents?
I replied, “My Mom is an Aries.
Ah,“, she said in her sultry Israeli accent, “So, you know what it means to move mountains, eh?

Yes, yes I do. My mom is a Berlin-born Aries, and she’s a powerhouse of ‘make it happen‘ energy.

Growing up around that sheer force of will showed me how we can create our best lives and overcome great challenge from our own inner drive.

My mom was sick throughout my childhood with a brutal hormonal imbalance.

Her mantra was, ‘It is always darkest before the dawn’.

She regularly told me how she knew she would get better, and medicine would get better, and the ‘dawn’ of this era of illness would be amazing.

It took 14 years.

Along with those moments of fortitude were repeated cycles of collapses and depressions and new solutions and persistent trying and renewals and improvements and failings.

All along, she said, “I’ll get better, because I am a lucky person.”

And she did get healthy. New studies came out. New medicines. Relief for all of us.

She’s been living in her dawn ever since, and is grateful for her good luck.

The New Moon in Aries is a reminder to tap into that kind of manifestation energy.

Here is a ritual for you to enact with the inspiration of my mom’s story.

Sit quietly and breathe for long enough to feel into your upper abdomen.
Imagine a yellow light growing from this center, encompassing your whole energetic body that emits a few feet around you in a sphere.

Ask your core center:
What do I want?

Listen within.
Envision yourself having this.
How will you feel?
Call that feeling into yourself from memories and imagination.
Hold this YES in yourself as you breath into this future you are about to enact.
Describe all the details you are creating in this vision.
Smile at this joy you are welcoming.

Now, ask yourself:
What is my very first step that I can enact this week?

Sit with the options.
Narrow it down to smaller and smaller steps.
Find the very first step.
See yourself doing this step this week.

If any thoughts of failure come up, bring in compassion.
That may have happened before, but this time is the right time.
You are ready.
You forgive your old self.
Hold yourself in acceptance and enthusiasm.
Now is the time.

Pull that yellow light back into your Manipura chakra in your upper abdomen.
Hold it there, knowing that you will act from your center of power.

Open your eyes.
Write this step down in your to-do list or calendar.
Set up a time to do it.
Perhaps contact an accountability buddy to check in on you around it next week.

Or, skip the notes, and go do this first small step  immediately.

If learning to trust your inner voice more is a goal you desire, tarot is a magnificent pathway.

This is a great astrological time to tap into your own empowered psychic gifts and join The Art of Reading Tarot Course. 

I am getting more interest this time than my norm, so the class is filling up!

If you want to read the cards without a book, this is your chance to put focus into a real solution and make your desire come to fruition.

Bring a friend on your journey, so you can both get the class for an extra 10% Off with the code 2FORCLASS 
Just mention each other’s names in the sign up form and register within 3 days of each other.

To learn anytime with me, Tarot Reading Lessons are available online. They are the same rate for 2 students, so bring a friend. 

If you have other goals you need motivation and guidance around, call me for a Tarot Reading online or in person. 

Fire Yourself UP,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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