Enhance Your Holidays with Meaningful Rituals

Holiday season is going to be different in 2020, this reading helps you make any event special by customizing your own rituals. Get some guidance on how to approach your plans with magic.

Join my online Art of Reading Tarot class in January to learn to design your own rituals by using the Tarot.

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3 Readings

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Peace Out 2020 with Tarot Specials!

Step into 2021 with a new perspective, and share the light with others this winter.
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The Fantastic Menagerie, 2nd Edition

BabaBarock Studio has produced a cold stamp second edition of The Fantastic Menagerie Tarot, a compilation of images from Le Metamorphosis Du Jour by JJ Grandville, the illustrator who designed the images for the first print of Alice in Wonderland.

Reading & Gratitude

A Reading for this week of Thanksgiving 2020 and a Gratitude Meditation.
Meditation begins at 5:20
Deck: Dark Mansion Tarot by Taroteca

Schedule a Reading for you or Get a Gift Certificate for a Friend:
Use code YES2JOY for 10% off any Reading or Class with Jenna.
Use code GIVEJOY for 10% off any Gift Certificate, can be used multiple times.
Codes good until the end of 2020.

Sovereign Oracle Deck

Theresa Pridemore has released 3 expansion decks for her word-based oracle deck. This is an accessible deck for a wordsmith or someone who is interested in divination, but not keen to dive into the depths of symbology.

Animal Totem tarot

New to Tarot, Zoë explores the perfect new deck for her to enter into this field with, the Animal Totem Tarot. Jenna and Zoë talk about the wisdom and intelligence of this unique deck that is a great fit for anyone who understands animals and their behaviors. We offer a reading at the end for everyone listening.

Self-Care is Sexy

We perform better when we feel balanced in our body, mind, energy, and spirit. This week, I offer a variety of ways that you can access your own best self from the perspective of the Tarot. Join me for a quick QiGong exertion that moves stagnation and enlivens the body’s life force.

Then, choose among the elemental suggestions below for how you can enact another level of joyous healing.

Each of the elements of the minor arcana guide us in how we can take care of ourselves. A balanced life has some activity related to fire, water, earth, and air. 🔥🌊🌳🌬️

Consider today which elemental healing could give you a fresh feeling to rejuvenate your spirit.

Pentacles – Ground into the earth 🌱 with some time in nature or your garden. Cook a delicious meal. Build something. Clean.

Wands – Build a warmth 🔥 in your body with active movement until you sweat. Add creative expression with a dance off with a friend who loves your glow.

Cups – Art fills the heart. 💙 Take in the work of your favorite artist, explore a fresh vision from abroad, or get out the arts and crafts tools and make something. Inspire the feelings to flow and wash through you.

Swords – Breeze the wind 🌬️ of wisdom and knowledge through your mind. Disperse the stress by learning something new about history, science, or something intellectually stimulating. See it all from a new perspective.

I hope this helps ease you through your week. If your life is feeling like it needs some more beneficial guidance, please reach out to me to schedule a half-hour or one-hour tarot reading. You are worthy of the support you desire.

We are All Story Makers

We engage with our own lives through story making. You go through a break up, and you begin piecing together your experience in words that create scenes that define each person into a role they played. For how often we do this in our lives, it’s amazing we don’t talk more openly about the pitfalls and power of this act.

Tarot is an unraveling of our life stories. It is a tool to help you see the metaphors and meaning of your life lessons with more keen observation. When we see the messages through an objective source of symbols, it’s easier to forgive our foibles and rise up to our best selves.

This week, I share with you two new decks that envigorate the cards through storytelling. The Tarot of the Divine connects a unique myth or fairy tale from around the globe to each traditional tarot card meaning. InBetween Tarot has imagined a story that happens when we combine each card with it’s predecessor and successor in it’s place in the cards. Learn about these decks and ponder on how stories influence your own choices, and how you can better serve your highest good as a story designer.

Intuitive Decision-Making

We have a collective story that intuition and clairvoyance is only strong with some special people. The fact is that these are skills we all benefit from strengthening through practice, like any other expertise.

Most CEO’s claim to make the majority of their decisions from gut feelings. At Netflix, Reed Hastings is known as “the golden gut” for his ability to choose the right shows to green light. Each of us can also learn to listen to our body to become the best CEO of our own lives.

We each need this skill on a very direct level right now. Pandemic Fatigue is real. Decision fatigue is happening.

We have to decide which mask is the most necessary each time we go out.
We are deciding on candidates and laws that take time learn about to enact the best choices for our community.
We even need to be decisive in how we are managing all this stress and anxiety that the decisions create.

One of the best choices we can make is to take the time to practice mindfulness that allows our systems a break from the stressors.

In this short awareness exercise, you get the opportunity to slow down and breath and listen to your body.
More importantly, you learn a simple practice that can assist you in making decisions from your own deep wisdom on a regular basis. This awareness increases your ability to align with your gut and empower your intuitive skills. 

Treat yourself to the gift of internal listening skills that will enhance your own natural intuition and ease some of the stress load that you are carrying. You deserve this break.

If some of the decisions hovering over you need some added support, contact me for a reading.

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