Look from a New Angle

Snow has blanketed my home town of Portland, Oregon. Plans were cancelled. Readings moved online.
Moments like these insist on a fresh perspective. Everything looks so different outside that the mood inside the house shifts along with it.
Tarot also asks us to gain insight from a new lens. Our problems transition into epiphanies for our evolution.
It’s like the changing the lighting in a room. Nothing physically moves, but the elements look completely different.
Today, I want to offer some ways that even basic archetypes can do this.

Consider a challenge you have that seems stuck.

Ask if you are looking at it more from a big picture, or a small picture.
What happens if you shift to the opposite?

Widen your lens to consider it in the grand scheme of things.
Macro your lens to consider the details about it that are manageable.

Notice if your pressure around this matter feels more >external< or <internal>
Do you presume others are judging you around it?
Or, is a part of you feeling something is not aligned with your values?

Recognize the source of the stress, and consider if there are people you can express your concerns to that might quell this overwhelm, or if meditation would help you center in clarity.

Finally, how might you be looking at this from black and white thinking?
Is there a nuanced gray area to consider?
What is the risk of approaching this from a softer place inside?

There are 78 archetypes of far more subtlety in the deck though. Get even more new ways of seeing when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.

Scroll on for a short meditation to listen to your own inner knowing.
Have a great weekend.

Refresh Yourself,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Life is Overwhelming: Let’s Simplify

Vulnerable share . . . I feel pulled all sorts of different directions, and lately I have struggled to get anything really solidly satisfying done.

I manage a business, a home, relationships, and my health on multiple fronts.
I am wrangling connections with new people on dating apps.
I am showing up for friends in times of trouble.
I am cooking to eat right, and exercising as often as I can squeeze it in.
I am I am I am . . .
I am guessing that you can relate.

As a Tarot Reader, I know that it all comes down to balance.
From a Tarot perspective, we need to engage with each of the four elements everyday.

Earth is about our income and resources, including relationships.
Water is about the heart and emotions and our spiritual connection.
Air is about our mental intellect and communication.
Fire is about our desire, movement, and the way we move our energy.

Consider which of these fields needs more inclusion in how you move through your day.
Keep in mind that you don’t need to do ALL the things that this element relates to. Simplify down to just one essential that feels nourishing.

Ask yourself:
Earth: How can I ground each day into my body?
Something as simple as feeling the weight of your body in a chair as you eat your breakfast can support this.

Water: When can I make time to feel my feelings?
Take a quiet moment when you are driving to turn off the radio and feel your heart as you speak words of gratitude for the blessings in your life and all the myriad of feelings you feel.

Air: Does my mind need more or less learning today?
If your brain needs stimulated, add a podcast or a show that asks you to expand your knowledge. If you are overdrawn, numb out with some familiar and fun entertainment.

Fire: What could spark my joy today?
Listen to your body and ask what feels like a delight you can make room for. Allow desire to speak, and narrow down to a way to give it a treat today.

Do you want to clarify the other complications of your busy life?
Consider the opportunity to schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me. Most clients claim to feel better after a reading and more at ease on the fields they came in feeling low about.

Watch my video below about how Balance is presented in the cards. Then have a great weekend!

You Got This,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Treat Yourself to a Fresh Perspective

One of my favorite types of readings to give is ‘Tarot Together‘, where two familiars sit and listen in on each other’s 30-minute readings.

The person receiving the reading will often sit with a poker face, while their companion reflects delight and dismay at how spot on the information is.

Nearly without fail, the friend will turn to the querent and say, “Oh my gosh, we were *just* talking about that!”

Most people have a different impression of what divination entails. Movies tell us that oracles only offer dark foreshadowing for the hero. The reality is a vast ocean apart from that squalor.

The most common thing people reflect to me during and after a tarot reading is how much more clear and validated they feel about what steps to take to expand further into their best life.

A real psychic tarot reading is magical in that it will tell you things that are unique to you and will resonate with your life’s current moment.

Experience real magic and spiritual guidance when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.

Scroll down for a YouTube on What to Expect from a Professional Tarot Reading.

Have a lovely weekend of relishing your own journey.

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Moody Decks Make Me Happy

As I was walking through the NW Tarot Symposium, the name ‘Pensive Path‘ passed by me, hanging from a woman’s lanyard with antique images all around it.
The name resonated because it is so similar to my own business, and the images impelled me to stop and ask her about it.
It turned out to be Reese Marren, a deck designer at The Curated Card. She pulls together meaningful decks from hours of digging through old art resources.
I purchased the deck the same day, since it is unlike any other I have seen. She puts a lot of thought into capturing the essence of each card’s meaning.
Despite the images coming from a wide span of resources, they all collectively share a dusky mood that has gristle in it, which I personally love.
To see the deck in it’s full glory, check out my YouTube Flip Through and Review this week.
I am excited for her upcoming project as well, The Wonderful World of Hilda, featuring a pin up woman shaped like my own figure.
Treat yourself to some insights that can lighten the mood of your own life when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.
I hope you can take in some art this week, or make some of your own.

Live Creatively,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

More Fun is Soon to Come

If the last few months felt stuck, get ready for a change!
Astrologically, things are shifting forward finally on a lot of levels.
The cards agree and have some tips of how to make it move more smoothly, as you will find in the free reading that I share this week when you scroll on!
Learn what adventures you are ready to embark on when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.
I hope you enjoy your weekend and get some mental rest to ready yourself for some great actions toward your best goals.

Find Your Fire,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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Pretty Oracles and Positive Astro Events

If things have felt a bit stuck since the end of October, trust that they should start moving more smoothly soon.

This week, Mars went out of retrograde and is heading direct.

This means that we can all begin to focus on the projects that we care about again with confidence that they will flow more easily.

This will improve even more next week when Mercury comes out of Retrograde.

This also means that you only have one more week to get a session with my Mercury Retrograde 10% off special with the code RETRODEAL when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me through Jan 18th.

While letting yourself relax a few more days, check out my new flip through video on YouTube of the Sacred Rebels Oracle. It’s everything you want a New Age Oracle deck to be. Scroll down for more!

Flow Forward,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Make the Most of this Moment

As a Cancerian, I can tell you that the Full Moon in Cancer is a powerful time to feel the feels. This weekend’s Wolf Moon is a great time to cry and release the emotions to get ready to bring in your new self at the end of the month.
Cancer is an intuitive, spiritual sign, but it’s also one that carries the shadows of self-awareness.
This round of moon is especially poignant, and the main message for today and this weekend is to notice what you are ready to let go of in your old self.
As mentioned in last week’s email, you don’t need to set your goals for 2023 until the New Moon on Jan. 21st.
But we still are doing the work to prepare for a fulfilling year by releasing that which we are done with in our habits, identities, and limiting beliefs.
This is the time to let yourself acknowledge what parts you are ready to shed, and allow the grief and relief that come with this new freedom.
Another key detail in the astrology today is to be slow to respond to others who are processing their own emotions.
If anyone says something that triggers a desire to react or make a snap judgment, slow your roll.
Pause long enough to consider how to respond from your highest truth.
To get more clarity about what you are ready to let go of to make room for a bright new era, come enjoy a session with my Mercury Retrograde 10% off special with the code RETRODEAL when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me through Jan 18th.
For a fun distraction, scroll down to watch my review of the new documentary Call Me Miss Cleo on HBO/Max.

Happy New Year,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

How to Best Approach the Start to 2023

Each year, we set forth into the new year with a list of ways we want to be better.
But this year, your best choice is to put that off a few weeks and focus on the ways you’re proud you have been successful.

Mercury Retrograde strikes tomorrow, but luckily this round has a lot of positive aspects to it.

We may make deeper romantic connections with the influence of Venus . . .
Capricorn will stabilize the chaos a bit . .
And I am offering my 10% off special with the code RETRODEAL when you schedule a reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session.
So there’s a silver lining.

Mars Retrograde has been in effect since Halloween, so don’t fret if things have been a bit sluggish in business.

Things are going to shift Jan. 12th when Mars releases, and even more on Jan 18th when Mercury goes direct.

In the meantime, your best choice is to go inward for the first month of the year.

Consider what your wins of 2022 were, and reflect on how you want to approach your resolutions from a positive angle for 2023.

Put your goals into action on the New Moon on Jan. 21st, which is also a Saturday and a good time to start a new week.

Best of luck to all of you in your path forward. If you desire some guidance of how to step into the year, trust that a tarot reading with me will give you the insight you need to hedge forward in the best direction.

Happy New Year,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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The Gift that Keeps on Giving

So many of us have loads of trinkets under our tree, when what we are craving is a sense of meaning and purpose in our life.

What if I told you that you can gift a loved one a chance to step closer to their own inner fulfillment?

A professional reading by a true psychic aligns us with the directions that the higher self yearns for us to lean into.

In a Tarot Reading, you get the chance to play witness to your own life through fresh eyes.

There is a sense of magic in a stranger speaking your life situation and your mind back to you…

A reminder that we are not alone…

And something mystical is playing a compassionate role in our path forward.

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This week, I was named one of the Top 5 Psychics of Portland Oregon!

Luckily for you and your loved ones, anyone can experience a reading with me via video chat or Zoom.

To learn more about my style of reading, scroll down for the YouTube explanation of what to expect in a reading with me.

May you all have safe travels and a blessed weekend with your loved ones.

Happy Holidays,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

The Art of Trusting Your Inner Voice

Intuition is often dismissed as something you either have or don’t have. It is treated as the human form of animal instinct. But this is a misnomer.

You can and should develop your sense of inner certainty.

When we listen to our internal yes and no, we serve ourselves along with our colleagues, families, friends, and neighbors. We make better decisions that serve the greater good in ways we cannot always see immediately.

This week, I share with you two opportunities to enhance your intuition through a meditation and some fun games.

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Listen Inward,
Jenna Lynne Roberts


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