Wands Quickie: Tarot Minor Arcana Insights

Learn how to simply approach the fiery Wands Suit in the Minor Arcana of the Tarot.

Lovers Card Quickie

Consider the Lovers Card from a place of personal evolution into your whole self through the experiences of other people, as well as other external relationships to career, family, hobbies, arts, and friends.

Dark Mansion Tarot Deck Flip Through

Taroteca Studios in Poland brings us a delightful new deck with colorful art depicting Victorian characters who each have vivid facial expressions with wry wit.

Heart-Focused Meditation

Take part in this opportunity to quiet your mind and listen to your heart for a guided meditation that helps heal your heart and completes with sending your love and hopes into the world.

A Tarot reading for all of us

What’s it all about, Covid? How we can approach our current situation from both the individual perspective and the bigger picture.

Intuitive Tarot Reading Practice

Anyone can take part in this practice to open up their right brain to think more creatively and intuitively.

Choose a deck to learn tarot

This gives some great tips as to what to consider as you seek out a tarot deck to learn the meanings of the cards with.

Oracle V. Tarot Decks

A short explanation of the difference between Oracle and Tarot Decks.

Gary Talks Tarot: Juxtapose

Gary the Unigoat is a Tarot Card Reader EXTRAORDINAIRE! He shares how he interprets cards next to each other.

Hermit card in-depth

Learn about the benefits of listening the Hermit Card. At 17 minutes, Joe Bazeghi shares about the history and philosophy.