The Magic of Being Kind

What is the most essential knowledge that reading cards professionally for 16 years taught me?
I have learned -deeply- that everyone is hard on themselves about the same thin
From the successful mid-life leaders, to the uncertain mid-twenties dreamers.

Everyone feels like they’re not doing enough.

Myself included. This week was not a very productive one. I got sick briefly and then couldn’t get back into the groove. You know the story, because it’s normal for all of us.

So my work this week became forgiving and feeling through this sense of failure to relaunch after a head cold.

I am bringing kind words to quell the agitated critiques.

I am making sure meditation is included in my lighter schedule.

I am reminding myself that I am more than my productivity at work.

We can all learn to be more compassionate to the one person we have the ability to change.

It’s funny, because this frustrated agony rarely motivates anyone to take better actions toward their goals. If anything, this voice lends to more procrastination and grumpiness while slogging through the tasks.

The magic of this medicine is that, when we are more gentle and understanding with ourselves, we are also more accepting and loving with the people around us.

This weekend, I hope you can simply tune into your mind and look for the opportunities to be more warm and friendly with you.

Notice and give yourself credit for your accomplishments and successes.

Laugh more lightheartedly at the harsh critic within, and know that even this part of you means well to motivate, even if it’s methods are lacking in effectiveness.

Would it help to discuss your relationship to yourself with a compassionate ear and some divination guidance?

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Be Kind to You,

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Present Path Tarot

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