Moody Decks Make Me Happy

As I was walking through the NW Tarot Symposium, the name ‘Pensive Path‘ passed by me, hanging from a woman’s lanyard with antique images all around it.
The name resonated because it is so similar to my own business, and the images impelled me to stop and ask her about it.
It turned out to be Reese Marren, a deck designer at The Curated Card. She pulls together meaningful decks from hours of digging through old art resources.
I purchased the deck the same day, since it is unlike any other I have seen. She puts a lot of thought into capturing the essence of each card’s meaning.
Despite the images coming from a wide span of resources, they all collectively share a dusky mood that has gristle in it, which I personally love.
To see the deck in it’s full glory, check out my YouTube Flip Through and Review this week.
I am excited for her upcoming project as well, The Wonderful World of Hilda, featuring a pin up woman shaped like my own figure.
Treat yourself to some insights that can lighten the mood of your own life when you schedule a tarot reading, lesson, or intuition coaching session with me.
I hope you can take in some art this week, or make some of your own.

Live Creatively,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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