Make the Most of this Moment

As a Cancerian, I can tell you that the Full Moon in Cancer is a powerful time to feel the feels. This weekend’s Wolf Moon is a great time to cry and release the emotions to get ready to bring in your new self at the end of the month.
Cancer is an intuitive, spiritual sign, but it’s also one that carries the shadows of self-awareness.
This round of moon is especially poignant, and the main message for today and this weekend is to notice what you are ready to let go of in your old self.
As mentioned in last week’s email, you don’t need to set your goals for 2023 until the New Moon on Jan. 21st.
But we still are doing the work to prepare for a fulfilling year by releasing that which we are done with in our habits, identities, and limiting beliefs.
This is the time to let yourself acknowledge what parts you are ready to shed, and allow the grief and relief that come with this new freedom.
Another key detail in the astrology today is to be slow to respond to others who are processing their own emotions.
If anyone says something that triggers a desire to react or make a snap judgment, slow your roll.
Pause long enough to consider how to respond from your highest truth.
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For a fun distraction, scroll down to watch my review of the new documentary Call Me Miss Cleo on HBO/Max.

Happy New Year,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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