Making Decisions Means Feeling Your Yes

In my Tarot Readings, I often find people reflect back to me, ‘I was just talking to my spouse about this’!
Clients often say that readings illuminate messages that validate what they already felt, and that it’s helpful to hear it coming from someone else.

I believe that building self-trust with these inner voices empowers you in all your choices, which is why I developed my Intuition Coaching practice.

In these sessions, my clients become more accustomed to leaning into that certainty and knowing which internal voices to follow.

In my gifted reading to you this week, there is a direct path toward finding your own internal clarity with the answers you seek in your business and practical life decisions.

Not surprisingly, the answer involves listening to your emotional experience.

It is essential to know your heart when you are making a mental choice. Listening to that internal YES is a key to the right path in your decisions.

That’s what I felt when I signed up to be a part of this fantastic Holiday Business Bazaar.

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Say YES to making 2023 a year of growth and fresh wisdom!

Scroll on to enjoy my gifted reading this week!

Go Inward to Gain Outward,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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