Happy Fall Equinox

The seasons are flowing back to the cool months on this side of the equator.

I love living in a time when I get to see posts from my friends in Australia and New Zealand who are celebrating the onset of summer. We live in such a big-small world on this spinning rock that’s hurtling through space.

I grew up in San Diego, where the fall didn’t mean much more than returning to school and maybe some awful dry winds.

I remember being giddy for any sign that my desert environment was changing to cooler days. I was the weirdo who wanted the rain, and didn’t understand why neighbors would complain about a few sprinkles.

Now I live in Oregon, where the seasons bring dramatic flairs of crisp leaves and varied flowers and then rain rain rain. Be careful what you wish for.

I bring this to you today to ask us all to think about our little microcosm that we live in and how the wider world is having their own unique moment with this change of seasons. The Equinox is the same essential date around the globe, but has different meaning for each environment.

One association many parts of the world makes with this time of year is the act of learning in school. I believe that our brains have been trained through habit to hunger for knowledge in this season, it’s the collective unconscious message of the moment.

So why not use this wave and dive into really learning about how to look at your life through a fresh perspective that the ancient archetypes in the tarot offers?

Come back to school with the rest of the world as we dive into this fulfilling upcoming course. This class is currently shifting on it’s own winds into a video-focused course. This might be your best chance to get a live edition, so sign up today!

The Art of Tarot Reading Course runs from October 10th – 27th
Mondays and Thursdays from 6pm – 7:30pm PST

We go in depth in Lessons that Teach You:

– To Grasp the Essentials of every Card
– To Layer Archetypes together to Create New Meanings
– To Access your own Psychic Gifts
– To Energetically Protect yourself through Magick Rituals
– And much more . . .

Sign up together with a friend with the special 10% rate, using the code 2FORCLASS. Mention each other’s names when you fill out the questionnaire.

Each class is recorded and you have access to all videos for 3 months after!

Have a taste of what my style is like with a Tarot Tutoring session.
Include a friend to share the cost as well!

Reach out today to set up a Tarot Reading  in-person and online.

Finally, you can find your psychic skills with personal Intuition Coaching.

Enjoy the change of seasons, and welcome in your own next phase of better being with a free reading below.

Happy Fall Equinox,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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