3 Unexpected Benefits of Reading Tarot

The Tarot is More than a Parlor Trick

When I first started reading the cards nearly 30 years ago, I was attracted to the mystery of this strange symbolic language.

As I speak it more fluently, I see how it brings poetry to my daily living.

The Tarot is a bard companion to a life’s journey.

Here are some surprising realizations it has shown me along the way . . .

Learning Tarot is about getting to know yourself.

As you learn to manage life in new ways through the archetypes, they in turn also illuminate new understandings into who you are through how you interpret them.

I am in love with my personal relationship to this unique art form. I see how their concepts evolve with me and support me to live my best life.

The journey of learning the cards only gets more juicy through time.

I thought I would lock down the cards by memorization, but it’s more nuanced than that.

The cards constantly unfold new layers of depth as you see connections between them. It’s an infinite well and I love to drink heartily from it.

Everyone has psychic skills. Everyone.

Before I became a reader and teacher, I thought some people are ‘special’ to have psychic abilities.
I have learned that Divination is an art that we each can access in our own way.

We only need to flex this intuitive muscle to learn what our own best pathways are to internal clarity.

I want to show you more of the gifts of this realm...
and I will with those who join my upcoming the Art of Reading Tarot in April.

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For a more intimate one-on-one lesson, check out an Intuition Coaching or Tarot Reading Lesson with me online. Tarot lessons are the same price for either one or two people.

Of course, a Tarot Reading is also a great way to find the clarity you seek from a friendly and down to earth psychic.

I would love to hear from you with any questions or requests.

Access Your Inner Knowing,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

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