How Archetypes Teach Us

Why are stories so powerful?

When we listen to a tale, we observe a situation while imagining what we might do in that experience.

Each of the characters become a part of us that we can relate to.
The Tyrant within us is overthrown by the Higher Self.
The Foolish Adventurer faces the consequences of ignoring wisdom of the Sage, but is redeemed in their long-term choices to persist in facing their demons.

Tarot is an opportunity to reflect on your own story from a slightly objective distance, with the support of a Reader who is hopefully compassionately honest about the roles you and others are playing in your plot line.

This week, choose a card and learn which archetypal aspect of yourself you want to lean into to explore more of your best self.

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I hope to see you soon!

Love the Learning,
Jenna Lynne Roberts

Click on the Image to Learn which Archetype you can Learn from Today!

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