Card Art is Awesome

Did you know that modern playing cards derive from the Tarot deck? Yup. Hearts are Cups, Spades are Swords, Clubs are Wands, and Diamonds are Pentacles. Take out the Major Arcana and the Pages, and . . . voila . . . we can play gin rummy instead of divining the future.

One primary reason I love Tarot is for the unique art in every deck, and how the cards are a part of centuries of history.

This week, I share a brand new playing card deck in the style of 15th century surrealist Dutch artist, Hieronymous Bosch. His fantastical designs never cease to impress me with their imagination and oddity. This deck is also super fun in that it is a puzzle that fits together into a larger image. Nice work, Sunish with #Guruplayingcards! #Boschcards are Great!

Speaking of fantastic. I love Cats. After years of allergy shots, I can enjoy them more fully. This week’s free reading is inspired by a Cat, and I welcome you to send me a picture of your favorite feline who you would like a reading for on my Instagram page @presentpathtarot.

To access your own animal sense, sign up for an Intuition Coaching session or package.

Alternatively, you can get psychic guidance when you  reach out to me for a divination session or to learn the cards for yourself.

One more week in this round of 10% off any session during a Mercury Retrograde, good through June 22nd. Mention it when you reach out to me, or use the code RETRO2021 when you schedule a session.

I hope to see you soon!

Jenna Lynne Roberts

Welcome to Caturday Tarot: Where a cat inspires a reading we all need.

Meet Bonsai. She clearly has some catnip addictions, and is trying to balance herself between her impulsive Queen of Wands nature and her grounded, but less established, Page of Pentacles. The 8 of Pentacles Rx implies that she is somewhat bored with her routine, and thus finds escape in the nip habit or other vices.

It would be healthy for Bonsai and those who relate to her to use that empowered Queen of Wands energy to get some exercise out in nature. Rooting into the garden or wilderness fulfills her burgeoning Page of Pentacles, who can use the lens of earth to see how slow growth and pacing yourself is sometimes best.

Moderation this week, Bonsai, moderation.

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