The Power of Words

I am a writer.

It took me years to say that sentence with confidence. I used to question and cringe as to whether I was worthy of such a description.

Although I may not yet have reached my full goal in that statement, I have now come own that 4 word combo with ease and certainty.

The words we say matter, and we define ourselves by any description that follows the simple words, “I Am“.

What words do you use after that pronoun and ‘be’ verb?
Think about it. Because this matters. Our hearts and minds are listening.

This week, simply notice what spills from your voice whenever you speak those two words first, “I am“.

Notice if you would like to say different adjectives and adverbs and nouns afterward.

Notice what descriptions you aspire to, and what it would take to feel worthy of that in your own mind.

Consider saying any desired self-descriptors that currently intimidate you like a mantra until they come with grace and confidence. Journal about them and feel free to share your observations with me.

What is it that you need to hear your voice reflect back to you?
I am wise.
I am kind.
I am growing beautifully.

Self Care is sexy.
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Thank you for all that you do to be lovingly conscious of your words and for defining yourself with kindness. 

Free reading on how to self-nurture this week. Consider your own insights as well.

Deck: The Sovereign Oracle by Theresa Pridemore


This reading makes a lot of sense for Mercury Retrograde, ending this weekend. (Note: last chance to get 10% off with code RETRO2021)

Jenna’s Interpretation:
A lot has been rescheduled this month. Rather than fight it, see it as a benefit to go with the flow and focus on what that makes room for more of in your life. Rather than just driving forward through the plan changes, have some quiet moments to assess what is the best path forward. What steps really offer quality value?

Now is not the time to be on reflex mode toward the default answers. Let yourself adjust your navigation so that you can be more clear in why you’re doing the tasks you decide to accomplish. Consider how you can make sure that the plan includes downtime in the future, so you can pause on occasion to reassess your priorities.

Ask yourself, what rejuvenates you? You’re able to recharge your cell phone regularly enough. How can you be sure to do the same for yourself in the ways you most need?

Words on the cards:
1. What you need most now
Reschedule: It doesn’t need to happen when you planned it to. Something else may conflict. Check your timing. Renegotiate a deadline.📆

2. Do this to make it easier
Steep: think about it a while. Make a cup of tea. Take a hot bath. 🛀

3. Cultivate this over time
Replenish: go somewhere that gives your Spirit, mind, and body energy. Some part of you is calling out for rejuvenation. Listen. Take time to recharge. 💫

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