Love is in the Cards

Happy Valentine’s! While this day is associated with romantic love, I hope we can each revel in the many ways we both receive and give love to all those around us.

I see reading Tarot as an act of love and service. I am grateful for each person who spends time with me in this realm. So, from my heart, thank you for being with me in this journey.

Today, consider some small gesture of love you have experienced from a stranger. Focus on the glow you feel within when you offer such consideration. That love is yours.

Ponder on a challenging relationship you have worked with through the years. Think of all the ways we choose to stay the course toward connection.

For the lighter side of love, get a kick out of all the unique ways we express ourselves intimately with this week’s YouTube that dives into the archetypes of sexy in the Court Cards.

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Thank you for all that you do to express your own love in this life to others and to yourself.

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