NYE Gift: Two Free Readings

New Years Eve is a time for reflection, and this year has offered us so much to think about.

Most of us are tentative to chant our usual high expectations of the year to come.
In lieu of that, we can all give ourselves a pat on the back for what we have managed to accomplish or overcome this past year.

Get out a pen and paper, and ask yourself:
– How have a I grown in the challenges of 2020?

– How am I proud of myself today?

– What do I value more now than I did a year ago?

– What do I want to focus on in the year ahead to honor these values?

Then, consider  your direct community who you interface with.
Answer these questions:

– Who has impressed me with their strength this year?

– What attributes did they show that I was honored to witness?

– What have I learned from them?

– How am I inspired by their behavior?

Perhaps take a moment to share this reflection with this person via a card, email, text, phone call, or even a social media call out of praise.

We all benefit from building each other up. I would also love to read your answers if you email me them.
A key focus I intend is to keep observing this life through the lens of magic and tarot. When we access the bigger picture through divination, these shadowy times become illuminated.

We can see the archetypes that play out through all of history, and our roles we can choose to play to be fully engaged in our own lives and communities. The tarot adds curiosity to my days that lightens my fears and emboldens my choices.
I would love for you to join me in an exploration of the tarot this January with my online classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights from 7pm to 8:30pm, Jan. 12th – 28th.

You will learn techniques to access your inherent wealth of knowledge about the cards, and enhance your life with more wisdom through 2021 and beyond.

For a taste test of my online classes, you can also enjoy a 1.5 hour workshop where we expand our Clairvoyant Skills together.

Click here to learn more about these opportunities

Scroll below for a Free Reading to reflect on 2020 and consider how to thrive in 2021.

I hope you have a beautiful and safe holiday. 

Best Wishes,
Jenna Lynne

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