We are All Story Makers

We engage with our own lives through story making. You go through a break up, and you begin piecing together your experience in words that create scenes that define each person into a role they played. For how often we do this in our lives, it’s amazing we don’t talk more openly about the pitfalls and power of this act.

Tarot is an unraveling of our life stories. It is a tool to help you see the metaphors and meaning of your life lessons with more keen observation. When we see the messages through an objective source of symbols, it’s easier to forgive our foibles and rise up to our best selves.

This week, I share with you two new decks that envigorate the cards through storytelling. The Tarot of the Divine connects a unique myth or fairy tale from around the globe to each traditional tarot card meaning. InBetween Tarot has imagined a story that happens when we combine each card with it’s predecessor and successor in it’s place in the cards. Learn about these decks and ponder on how stories influence your own choices, and how you can better serve your highest good as a story designer.

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