Self-Care is Sexy

We perform better when we feel balanced in our body, mind, energy, and spirit. This week, I offer a variety of ways that you can access your own best self from the perspective of the Tarot. Join me for a quick QiGong exertion that moves stagnation and enlivens the body’s life force.

Then, choose among the elemental suggestions below for how you can enact another level of joyous healing.

Each of the elements of the minor arcana guide us in how we can take care of ourselves. A balanced life has some activity related to fire, water, earth, and air. πŸ”₯🌊🌳🌬️

Consider today which elemental healing could give you a fresh feeling to rejuvenate your spirit.

Pentacles – Ground into the earth 🌱 with some time in nature or your garden. Cook a delicious meal. Build something. Clean.

Wands – Build a warmth πŸ”₯ in your body with active movement until you sweat. Add creative expression with a dance off with a friend who loves your glow.

Cups – Art fills the heart. πŸ’™ Take in the work of your favorite artist, explore a fresh vision from abroad, or get out the arts and crafts tools and make something. Inspire the feelings to flow and wash through you.

Swords – Breeze the wind 🌬️ of wisdom and knowledge through your mind. Disperse the stress by learning something new about history, science, or something intellectually stimulating. See it all from a new perspective.

I hope this helps ease you through your week. If your life is feeling like it needs some more beneficial guidance, please reach out to me to schedule a half-hour or one-hour tarot reading. You are worthy of the support you desire.

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