Intuitive Decision-Making

We have a collective story that intuition and clairvoyance is only strong with some special people. The fact is that these are skills we all benefit from strengthening through practice, like any other expertise.

Most CEO’s claim to make the majority of their decisions from gut feelings. At Netflix, Reed Hastings is known as “the golden gut” for his ability to choose the right shows to green light. Each of us can also learn to listen to our body to become the best CEO of our own lives.

We each need this skill on a very direct level right now. Pandemic Fatigue is real. Decision fatigue is happening.

We have to decide which mask is the most necessary each time we go out.
We are deciding on candidates and laws that take time learn about to enact the best choices for our community.
We even need to be decisive in how we are managing all this stress and anxiety that the decisions create.

One of the best choices we can make is to take the time to practice mindfulness that allows our systems a break from the stressors.

In this short awareness exercise, you get the opportunity to slow down and breath and listen to your body.
More importantly, you learn a simple practice that can assist you in making decisions from your own deep wisdom on a regular basis. This awareness increases your ability to align with your gut and empower your intuitive skills

Treat yourself to the gift of internal listening skills that will enhance your own natural intuition and ease some of the stress load that you are carrying. You deserve this break.

If some of the decisions hovering over you need some added support, contact me for a reading.

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