Reading for Mercury Retrograde Oct 2020

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Last week, I stepped on my stove and broke it. Yup. Stepped on it.
I was painting my kitchen, trying to get in the big project before retrograde strikes. I was tired and the paint fumes may have been getting to me. I noticed a spot that needed touched up. I went right for it, and the crunch of glass with the burst of an electrical pop combined at my foot.

Luckily, I only endured the tiniest cut on my toe, when I could have been on the way to an emergency room with a permanently damaged foot.
Luckily, I was about due to replace the old stove.
Luckily, I had some funds set aside for this.
Luckily, this meant that I got to buy my new electric device before mercury retrograde struck proper.
You have to look on the bright side of these moments.

I am not an astrologer, but I pay attention to their messages and observe my experiences in relation. The thing I have learned about retrogrades is that they bring with them hidden blessings. As Mars has been in Retrograde in Aries, I have faced my anger around political differences. I have been more aware of how to avoid conversations, and have apologized when I started fights. These issues are underlying our lives anyhow, may as well face them.

During Mercury Retrograde, we are asked to slow down and pause long enough to realign with a better trajectory forward. Fiercely and stubbornly driving ourselves the same way all the time is not the best possible path in any situation. If I would have rested away from the paint for a bit, I likely would have been more conscious of where I was putting my foot down.

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Pause. Reflect. Listen. Realign.
Take it easy for the next few weeks, and don’t start any unconscious battles until at least mid-November when Mars goes direct.

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