Ruth Bader GInsburg Embodies Justice

Learn about how the life and legacy of RBG captures the message of the Justice Card

I rarely cry for the loss of someone I have never met. This week, I found true grief strike through my heart as we lost the grace and power of Justice Ginsburg from both her place on the bench, and her presence on this earth.

But then, with the gift of technology, I found solace in consuming her interviews through the years. I gathered clips of my favorite moments that resonate with the Justice card, and compiled them to share with others who also adore her vivacious brilliance. What an incredible blessing we have here, to keep the wisdom of such incredible people in our grasp through books and recordings. This week, I am also not taking that for granted.

We call Judges, “Your Honor”, or “The Honorable”. Ginsburg owned that title with the core of her being. She listened to her opponents, and spoke carefully to capture the key points that would unlock their differences to help them see the wisdom in her perspective. She was dear friends with someone she disagreed with politically, Justice Scalia. She celebrated nuance, and spent hours to seek out the full perspective of each case to make the best possible judgement on it. She was Judicious in her very being.

Treat yourself to her voice through her interviews on YouTube and explore beyond. Let yourself be inspired to stretch your own view of what makes up the essence of the Justice archetype.

RIP Honorable Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Ruth Bader Ginsburg

March 15th, 1933 – 2020 to September 18th, 2020

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