How Tarot Sees Us in Relationships

Social Creatures at Heart 

Relationships are the ultimate catalyst for personal growth. From your siblings to your kids, your partner to your roommate. . . let alone parents . . . our interpersonal connections push us to become more.

Sometimes, we’re pushed to become more annoyed. That’s usually a checkpoint on the way to evolution. Even agitation is an opportunity to treat our needs and boundaries as valid. Sigghhhh…

It is our inherent nature to be involved with other humans. Our desire for this runs so deep that we will often choose it at some cost or compromise. It can pay off enormously with support and connection, but even then it’s rarely all easy sailing.

My tarot readings treat our companions with compassionate curiosity and a lot of humor. This week, I offer a lesson around the archetypes in relevant relationship cards and a reading for those looking for love.

Scroll on to treat yourself to a free reading for the week, focusing on how we can approach healing to move toward Love again.

Then, consider common patterns from a fresh perspective with insights from the tarot cards that come up most often in relationship readings.

If you want to interrelate with others as you learn the cards from a pro, join us for a Tarot Practice Night Wednesday March 24th, Thursday, from 6pm – 7:30pm PST.

Want to do a relational reading together with any of your loved ones? Try a couple’s reading with someone you love, it doesn’t need to be a partner.
Reach out to me for a reading!

Thank you for seeking your own constant evolution through both relationships and the self-inquiry of tarot.

Love n Stuff,
Jenna Roberts

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